Honolulu SCUBA Diving Sites, Safety And Cost

Honolulu, Hawaii

Scuba diving in Honolulu on 10-22-2021

Best Beginner SCUBA Diving Site In Honolulu.

October 22, 2021, 9:30 AM HST in Honolulu, HI. The best dive sites in Honolulu for safe enjoyable scuba diving with first time beginner divers.


The first time divers often ask “What is best scuba site in Honolulu?”. The answer for first time divers whom want to dive with turtles is the Horseshoe reef on Honolulu’s south side. The Horseshoe reef dive site is shallow enough for first time divers yet populated with huge schools of fish and sea turtles. Most importantly, all participants are briefed about the dive and practice scuba diving skills prior to even entering the ocean.

Safe First Time Honolulu SCUBA Diving, Best Practices.

we know that first time divers wonder “Is scuba diving in Honolulu safe?”. Yes scuba diving in Honolulu is totally safe for participants whom can swim and have practiced the required underwater scuba diving skills. Our scuba instructors guide you through three important skills, mask clear, regulator clear and regulator recovery. After practice on the surface you will, in a safe depth, reaffirm your ability to perform those skills.

Cost Of Scuba Diving In Honolulu

In conclusion, scuba diving for first time divers looks awesome but you may ask “what does scuba diving in Honolulu cost?”. Answer, currently the price for beginner first time scuba is only $150.00 per person. In fact, reservations have never been easier with our new online booking calendar.

  • SCUBA Dive Log information for 10-22-2021, 09:30 AM HST

    • Location: Honolulu, HI
    • Dive Site: Horseshoe reef
    • Depth: 40 feet
    • Bottom Time:2x 30 minutes each
    • Viz: 50 feet
    • Water Temp: 80 degrees celsius
    • Conditions: Moderate

Honolulu SCUBA, 10-22-2021 SCUBA dive Video

Featured Video from our YouTube Video site, Scuba Diving Hawaii.

Beginner SCUBA In Honolulu - Vlog 600

Honolulu first time SCUBA diving on 10-22-2021. Today our beginner first time scuba divers explored the Kewalo Pipe reef. Two great dives for the fist time divers while encountering several Hawaiian green sea turtles.

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