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Honolulu, Hawaii

Scuba diving in Honolulu on 10-18-2021

Turtle Dive Tour, Honolulu Scuba Diving

October 18, 2021, 9:30 AM HST in Honolulu, HI. Amazing turtle SCUBA diving in Honolulu with beginner first time divers on the Kewalo Pipe reef.


Turtles, turtles and yes more turtles today with some amazing first time scuba divers. For first time scuba divers what can be more exciting than encountering Hawaiian green sea turtles? The beginner first time scuba tour is an ideal activity for the whole family to enjoy. Even children as young as 12 years old can safely scuba diving in Honolulu under the supervision of a dive instructor. The Horseshoe reef dive site is one of the best locations in Honolulu to encounter marine life such as for example, Hawaiian green sea turtles, moray eels, puffer fish and huge schools of tropical fish.

Turtle Dive, First Time SCUBA Tour Honolulu

The beginner first time scuba tour in Honolulu allows participants to safely explore the reefs at depth of around 40' underwater. Some basic safety and scuba instruction and you're set to see Huge Hawaiian green sea turtles that frequent the reefs of Honolulu. Above all, being an active swimmer and someone whom is comfortable in the ocean is the Key to success when trying scuba for the first time. Our Instructors have years of experience with beginner divers and are patient but, ultimately attitude and comprehending basic scuba instruction is everything when it comes to the first time turtle dive tour.

Beginner SCUBA Diving In Honolulu

In conclusion, beginner scuba diving in Honolulu offered by Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is a half day tour everyone can experience and enjoy. Beginner divers often say the first time scuba tour was the highlight of their vacation in Hawaii. Reservation are required and generally, easy to book through our online calendar or feel free to text or call us!

  • SCUBA Dive Log information for 10-18-2021, 09:30 AM HST

    • Location: Honolulu, HI
    • Dive Site: Horseshoe reef
    • Depth: 40 feet
    • Bottom Time:2x 30 minutes each
    • Viz: 50 feet
    • Water Temp: 80 degrees celsius
    • Conditions: Moderate

First Time SCUBA Diving , 10-18-2021 SCUBA dive Video

Featured Video from our YouTube Video site, Scuba Diving Hawaii.

First Time SCUBA Honolulu - Vlog 597

Beginner SCUBA diving on 10-18-2021. Our group of first time divers decided to checkout the Horseshoe reef here in Honolulu. Two great dives encountering several Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of tropical reef fish. Overall another great day of scuba diving in Honolulu.

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