Amazing New Oahu Scuba Diving Tours in Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Tours for scuba diving in Oahu Hawaii that are amazing!

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With all the incredible thing to do on Oahu, our scuba diving tours are something you don't want to miss! whether an advanced scuba diver or a beginner first time diver whom always wanted to try, you'll love our daily Oahu scuba diving tours.

With so many things to see Oahu most noteworthy is the exciting wreck dives daily on the Sea Tiger and YO-257 shipwrecks.

Check out all the Oahu diving tour pictures and information including dive sites, dive depth and conditions on our Hawaii scuba diving blog post for 2018 diving charter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

First Time SCUBA Diving Tour On Oahu:

Beginner Oahu scuba diving tours

Yes even people with no experience can safely try scuba diving in Oahu Hawaii. After a instructional briefing and likewise some underwater skill practice you will therefore have confidence to scuba dive 40' underwater in Oahu. A memorable experience the whole family will certainly cherish for years!

2 - 40' in depth dive sites includes all equipment and underwater pictures


Certified SCUBA Diving Tour On Oahu

Certified Oahu scuba diving tours

Our certified divers can experience the best scuba diving in Oahu above all others on the Sea Tiger shipwreck! An amazing wreck to explore while resident turtles, abundant schools of tropical fish and white tip reef sharks swim about. After a short surface interval we will also explore one of the numerous reefs. As a certified diver visiting Oahu, hence this is the scuba dive you don't want to miss!

2 - dive sites Shipwreck/Reef includes all equipment and underwater pictures