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Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii scuba diving pictures diving in Hawaii

Free Hawaii scuba diving pictures?

Yes, unlike all of the other Honolulu dive shops on Oahu that charge an extra $20 or $30, we believe you deserve a Free Picture Memento of your Hawaiian scuba dive tour with us. We daily upload all of our Hawaii scuba diving pictures to Flickr. It's part of Yahoo's photo sharing service that is very dependable and convenient for the downloading of your scuba diving pictures.

Simply click on this link (Flickr.com pictures) to view the pictures of your Hawaii scuba diving experience with us or view this video of step by step instructions on how to find your scuba diving pictures.

Once on the flickr.com site you can search for RainbowScuba, from the archive calendar, choose the day of your Hawaii scuba diving tour with us to see and download your scuba diving pictures for free!