5 Tourists Encounter Hawaiian Sharks On Tour!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Scuba Diving Tourists in Hawaii Encounter Sharks!

Dec. 04, 2018 - 13:30 - Exceptional beginner scuba diving tour today with a magnificent group of 5 New York Tourists. Because One diver was certified and all the others have done it before consequently there was a high provability of encountering numerous marine life. After a quick briefing and gearing up the proper scuba equipment we left Kewalo basin in search of White tip reef sharks. As a result of the dive sites in Honolulu being so close we arrived at the horseshoe reef in about 10 minutes. A little quick underwater skill practice with the group and therefore ready to explore Honolulu's reefs! Lots of reef fish to see but due to air consumption decide to return to the dive boat. Finally changing air tank we set off again on our underwater exploration. Diving east this time from the site we reach the Turtle ridge site. As the name states we immediately encounter some magnificent Hawaiian green sea turtles! Then suddenly and most noteworthy two Hawaiian white tip reef sharks surround us! Seeing the sharks was truly the highlight of the dive therefore we headed back to the dive boat. Great diving today with a great group of people. As a result our group of 5 New York Tourists encountered Hawaiian reef sharks and turtles as promised!

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