2 Scuba Divers On Oahu Explore Shipwreck

Honolulu, Hawaii

Shipwreck Scuba Diving Exploration on Oahu Hawaii.

Nov. 07, 2018 - 09:30 - An amazing day for exploring the Sea Tiger shipwreck on Oahu.

Our two scuba divers geared up and set off from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor in search of the shipwreck. Finally reaching the dive site we plunged into the pacific ocean to begin exploring the shipwreck. Although it's at a depth of 100' there are lots of strange but also interesting sea life to see on this dive. Several Hawaiian green sea turtles are spotted as we continue our exploration of this shipwreck. They are most certainly the favorite of most scuba divers in Oahu.

With a surface interval of about 30 minutes we therefore choose a shallower reef for the next scuba dive. Because we wanted to see even more of the magnificent Hawaiian green sea turtles, the Horseshoe reef was second dive site of the day. Similarly to the first dive this site had numerous turtles about and most noteworthy a reef shark. This was truly an incredible day of Oahu scuba diving! A delightful experience on the exploration of the Sea Tiger shipwreck and Horseshoe reef.

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