Amazing Oahu Diving - First Time Scuba Diving Oahu Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Beginner Oahu Diving - Scuba Diving First Time Hawaii

Experience scuba diving in Oahu with turtles, sharks and colorful tropical fish.

Honolulu, Hawaii - Jan. 03, 2018 - 09:30 - Our group of beginner divers were anxious to lean scuba and see the sights. Another beautiful day in Oahu as we made way from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Because the first time dive sites are close we arrive in minutes at the Horseshoe reef for the first location. First of all a safety briefing, practice and finally into the beautiful waters of Oahu! Descending down the line to 40' underwater the experience begins. Certainly Oahu diving for beginners has never been easier or more fun. The group of first time divers soon spots several Hawaiian green sea turtles on the reef. Most noteworthy a small white tip reef shark is also spotted on the Horseshoe reef. With even more massive schools of tropical fish our beginner divers experience Oahu's underwater beauty.

Our first time scuba divers discover Oahu's best reefs, sharks, turtles and massive schools of tropical fish. Overall another amazing beginner first time scuba diving tour in Oahu Hawaii.

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