Hawaii certified scuba diving boat charters Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Information about our Certified Scuba Diving tours in Honolulu, Hawaii

Exceptional boat charter for the Certified Scuba Diver. Our tour is located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our Scuba dive instructors will guide you on one of Hawaii's shipwrecks and then an exceptional reefs.

What scuba diving sites do you frequent?

We dive all the popular Hawaii Hawaii shipwrecks and Hawaii reef sites. If we don't dive it, its not worth going to!

Dive Guide ratio:

We have a limit of four divers per guide, unlike some other Hawaii dive companies who often take six or even more... You will not be rushed, maximum allowable bottom times (air or deco limit) and of course proper surface intervals. Our dive sites are based on our concern for your safety, your dive enjoyment, and the current conditions of the day.

Ask yourself, What do you expect from a Scuba Diving Charter?

A good Hawaii dive charter boat?

The dive boat we use is 30' long and 10' wide, super stable! Great for those who get seasick easy. Kewalo basin boat harbor is close to Waikiki beach hotels and the dive sites. Other Oahu scuba dive shops use the Kehei boat harbor are an additional 1/2 hour ride driving from Waikiki (that is if no traffic) and another 1/2 hour boat ride to the dive sites. We are much closer to the Waikiki beach hotels. A 10 minute van ride from your Waikiki beach hotel, and then about 10 minutes from Kewalo basin boat harbor to the first dive site.

Dependable Dive Equipment?

We believe that for both safety and enjoyment, your dive gear must be in top condition. All of our gear is thoroughly tested prior to and again after each use. We have easy breathing Mares regulators, our are checked nightly & rebuilt per manufactures guidelines. We daily check our Aqua lung wave BCDs to ensure they hold air & that the low pressure inflator buttons function properly. Wetsuits that have been cleaned in disinfectant solution nightly. Air tanks with current visual inspection & Hydro. In addition, of course, we setup your gear & test it again prior to your inspection and use.

I can dive with another Oahu scuba diving company for more money, why do you charge less?

Oahu scuba diving charters are a service, but the most expensive is not necessarily the best indicator of the level of service you will receive. One Oahu scuba companies motto is actually "scuba dive for free, pay for the abuse". Their price is the highest on the island but the service is not the best by any means. Scuba diving charters are a service, and at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii, we treat you like we would like to be treated, with respect and lowest price available on the island! We know you work hard for you money, so we do to!